The objective of our proposed research is the development and implementation of the next generation design/simulation methods. The key outcome of this research is a system/methodology that allows the analysis, simulation and design of engineering products in a more efficient way, reducing costs and offering the unique opportunities for European CAD and CAE companies. This project aims to extend the IA concept of Hughes and co-workers who focused on the unification of CAD and CAE. Here we aim to generalize this idea to unify pre-processing (in general) and analysis. In this sense, all our methods are isogeometric since they exploit the shape functions to discretize the design model also in the context of numerical analysis (the simulation model). Another main advantage of the proposed generalized isogeometric analysis is its wide applicability. This requires a strong collaboration between universities and companies, which is reflected in the composition of our team.

The research programme is structured into 4 main sub-programmes addressing the most urgent issues in the generation and development of efficient design and simulation models:

Programme A: CAD Feature Processing (2 projects)
Programme B: Pre-Processing and Mesh generation (4 projects)
Programme C: Numerical Analysis/CAE (6 projects)
Programme M: Voxel based analysis (1 project)

Open Source Codes

  • IGAFEM: General purpose IGA Code for linear elasticity, shell and plate models, multi-patch geometries.
  • GIS+MO: C++ library that brings together mathematical tools for geometric design and numerical simulation.
  • Efficient feature recognizer: A reference implementation using PostgreSQL and CADFix for finding CAD features efficiently.
  • SimpErr: an extension to ngsolve / netgen to estimate the effect of model simplifications on a quantity of interest aimed at electrostatics problems.

Malcolm Sabin's talk to junior researchers

Ralph Martin's presentation on "How to write a paper"

Current Research at Cardiff University (figures from the work of Nguyen Vinh Phu, Stéphane P.A. Bordas, Pierre Kerfriden)

Large deformation rotation-free isogeometric Kirchhoff-Love shell
Trivariate NURBS representation of thick-walled composite
Bucking delamination using 2D isogeometric cohesive elements
Plate-solid non-conforming coupling