Partner universities

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar


The Institute of Structural Mechanics (ISM) will be involved in the training at Weimar. The institute employs the project coordinator and 3 Early Stage Researchers. The main area of research at ISM is Computational Mechanics.

Cardiff University


The participants from Cardiff include 5 faculty members, 4 Early Stage Researchers and 1 Experienced Researcher. They work at the Institute of Mechanics & Advanced Materials and at the School of Computer Science & Informatics. 

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


Three Associate Professors from the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering are involved in the project, along with 1 Early Stage Researcher. Although the UPV’s history only dates back to 1968, today it is one of the largest universities in Spain.

Johannes Kepler University


The training activities in Austria will be carried out at the Institute of Applied Geometry  by Professor Bert Jüttler. The institute also employs 2 Early Stage Researchers and a number of other PhD students working on related projects. 

Industrial Partners



Cenaero is an applied research center with focus on the development of advanced multidisciplinary simulation technologies for Aeronautics. It employs 1 Early Stage Researcher which is part of a team of over 50 Cenaero employees.



InuTech GmbH is a German consulting company offering software and consulting services in the mathematical and engineering areas. It employs one Early Stage Researcher.



Simpleware Ltd is a company based in the Southwest of England providing specialist software and services to the research and development community. It employs 1 Early Stage Researcher.

Associated partner universities

University of California-San Diego

San Diego

The activities in the US will be carried out in part at UCSD under the supervision of Prof. Yuri Bazilevs. The Jacobs School of Engineering, where the research will be carried out, is a highly ranked engineering institution in the US.

Carnegie Mellon University


The training activities at CMU will be carried out by the Computational Biomodeling Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The university is well-recognized for its world-class programs, collaboration across disciplines and innovative leadership in education.

Associated industrial partners



TranscenData Europe Ltd. was established as FEGS Ltd. In 1978. The company supplies many companies worldwide with CADfix data exchange products and related services, through partnerships and direct licensing.

Numerical Geometry Ltd


The head of Numerical Geometry Ltd is Dr. Malcolm Sabin. He graduated in Engineering from Cambridge University in 1962, and has spent almost all his career in industry, developing computer representations of shape.